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Shutterstock Keyword Tool With Google Admob

As many know, I'am working on and digital marketing specialist company. And for sure, we have a department for stock photos and videos. By these words, I mean I wanna teach you some few tips that are gonna help your SEO reach, and downloads. I'm not gonna publish all the tips once but I'll share it from time to time.

Many of you may question, why some contributors have 1000 photos and getting 200 downloads ( 20% ) and I have + 5000 photos and not getting even 500 ( 10% ) knowing that I have more beautiful portfolio?

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As you know guys, shutterstock doesnt have a real person that lists your pictures and put it in first page or something like that. It's an robot that uses an alogrithm, and If you understand that algorithm you will be able to rank in first easily.

So first thing you should play with is KEYWORD.

The keyword is a very important thing that will help improve your downloads a lot ! It will help your picture to be in first pages which means, more reach and more downloads. So how do I analyse a keyword?

The keywords can be itself a niche, a niche is something that many of people are looking for but no one contributing it. for an example we had an "milk" ad to make, we wanted to buy a video about a cow in the background in a farm and the camera is focused on an plate with a cup of milk. So we can write our company name. We searched the whole stock and we found nothing. And am sure many milk companies are looking for something like to this day. Because shooting it will cost more than 50$.

That's the first thing you should know before moving to work in a keyword. You should decide either you're gonna work in a new niche ( thinking about what costumer wants, and be the first one to make it ) or working on an existing niche.

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By the way, most of shutterstock companies, are ad agencies, so working on professional videos or pictures will raise your rate of downloads. What I mean by professional, in a picture they need a picture where they can write on. For an example, the previous world cup we were searching for picture of a stadium. And all we wanted is a stadium from a far view and a night sky so we can write on it " we are ready for world cup " . Most agencies are so busy, so they wont bother themeselve if the picture is too complicated. the subject of picture sould be in background or blurry or not making 40% of the whole picture and if the subject is the one showing on whole picture the bacground should be simple ( black faded or white, sky) something easy to remove, so agencies can write on the picture or turn it into png.

for an example again , ad for a magician show. if we searched magic in shutterstock we will find a lot of pics are too complicated and not really fitting with an agency work ( not vectors ) I dont tell you they're not making downloads but if the picture were taken the way i've described it, they'll have better rate.

Ok, let's move on to the keywords, take halloween for an example. Many of you thinks that this "niche" is saturated, maybe 700 000 picture exists in this niche. And it's high demanded by companies. How can I compete ?

Choosing a keyword is very important, and the best tool is google keyword. You can start using google keyword by applying for google admob, it shows you what people search.

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( you can see in picture ) that people instead of searching halloween costumes they search " infant halloween costumes " and there are 1130 other keywords that people are searching. They can search that keyword in shutterstock and found no results comparing to their expctations. soo you can use this keyword as a title and other keywords in description. If you ranked in a small niches like those you picture will be ranked in the global one which is halloween ( most of keywords contains halloween ). And you'll get download from the small niches and the big one since your picture is ranking.

I'm gonna stop right here, wait for me for next course! I hope you got some usefull informations !

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