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Sony Alpha 9 Mark II Mirrorless Camera Launched

The overall design of the Sony Alpha A9 Mark II can be said to be still similar to the previous generation, the Sony A9, the first generation.

A Japanese technology manufacturer, Sony introduced the Alpha A9 Mark II series full-frame mirrorless camera product this week.

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The overall design of the Sony Alpha A9 Mark II can be said to be still similar to the previous generation, the Sony A9, the first generation.

But there are some improvements in this mirrorless series because this camera is intended for professional photographers, especially in the field of photo journalism.

This latest Sony camera focuses on sport orientation because it is designed in such a way as to prioritize speed.

Sony also implemented several improvements from the previous series. Improvements to this latest mirroless are weather sealing and are supported by a fairly high processor.

In terms of shape and design there is an improvement that is there is a protective anti-dust, vapor and dew. This protector will provide comfort for users outside the room.

In the body also becomes larger than its predecessor including handgrip, joystick, and AF-On button. With a total weight of 673 grams.

Sony also added a stronger protector on the connector and battery cover as well as those found on the Sony A7 Mark IV camera.

The most striking thing with the addition of a new full frame sensor as sharp as 24MP CMOS layers, each layer is supported by a large capacity memory and read and write ability 20 times faster than sensors in general.

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Users will be able to capture photos with great speed up to 20 photos per second. This sensor enhancement also provides features for shooting without producing sound with shutter speeds reaching 1/32000 seconds

The sophistication of this mirrorless camera is also found in the processor used, Bionz X. With that processor, the A9 Mark II has the ability of subject tracking coupled with burst speed speeds reaching 10 frames per second (shutter mechanic). But if with an electronic shutter, the burst speed is at 20 frames per second without blackout.

The video capabilities are also not significantly significant. Sony Alpha A9 Mark II is still with 4K 8-bit resolution. Acting as a camera for professionals, Soni Alpha A9 Mark II requires speed. Therefore, the Sony Alpha A9 Mark II is equipped with high connectivity namely Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-fi 802.11 ac 5 GHz.

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Sony plans to start marketing the mirrorless Alpha 9 Mark II in November 2019. Costs that must be prepared for interested ones are 4,500 US dollars, or around Rp. 65-70 million body only. Even though the price is high, it's a good investment for photography lovers.

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