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How To Get Money From Shutterstock With Only A Smartphone

 In this global era, many businesses have sprung up or how to get money from various ways, one of which is the internet. This time I want to share knowledge on how to make money from a microstock agency that we joined some time ago.

To be able to make money from Shutterstock, we need to create an account to become a contributor. Immediately, register as a Shutterstock Contributor.

I happen to have registered, and I happen to be able to more or less create vector images using CorelDraw X6 or X7. Below is a view of my shutterstock account.

For the wages earned from each sale of our work, Shutterstock provides a reward of $ 0.10 per download for the rules starting from June 1, 2020. And the works that we display on Shutterstock can be downloaded by buyers not only once, but also many times. -time. If the accumulated amount of dollars has reached $ 35, we can disburse it through paypal or other digital payment instruments.

For those of you who can't design graphics, or create vector images, don't be discouraged. Because you can use an android camera or smartphone to target objects that we can sell. Take as many photos as possible, and upload them to your Shutterstock account.

From the experience of some friends who have previously been Shutterstock contributors, it takes at least 2-3 months to get a stable income from here. You also have to upload regularly so that within 2-3 months there are hundreds or even thousands of images available on the shutterstock.

Many objects around where we live can be used for stock photos that we will upload on Shutterstock.

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