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The logo of the 95th anniversary of the Nahdlatul Ulama

On January 31, 2021, Nahdlatul Ulama will turn 95 years old in AD years. This year, the theme raised on the Day of Birth (Harlah) of the largest religious mass organization in Indonesia is Khidmah NU: Spreading Aswaja and Affirming National Commitment.

The visualization of this big theme has also been manifested in the NU 95th Harlah logo. The logo designer, Dain Nur Rafita Ardani Rahmansyah, explained that there is a philosophical meaning contained in the Harlah logo which took about four days to work. 

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In this design, there are two circles that combine the numbers nine and five in the middle. The two circles that are shaped like the number eight are made with one line drawing which means consistency or consistency.

"This is in accordance with the theme raised, namely the consistency of NU's khidmah in spreading Aswaja and affirming the commitment of nationality, as well as consistency in bringing Islam that is Rahmatan lil alamin," explained Dian to NU Online, Sunday (17/1).

In the Harlah logo combined with the NU logo on it and the date and year of birth of NU below, there are two dominant colors, namely gold and green. It's not without reason that these two colors are combined neatly to create a logo that looks shining.

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"The color gold represents glory, green symbolizes peace," explained Dian.

During cultivation, Dian revealed several steps and complexities in realizing this design. Indeed, according to Dian, the difficulty faced by logo designers is finding concepts and visualizing themes. "Usually the concept has been found but the theme is not connected," he said.

However, with seriousness and experience in the world of design, he was finally able to realize the NU 95th Harlah logo for 2021. This logo will later be manifested in various media such as banners, flags, and various souvenirs.

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