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Logo of the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia: Download Links, Guidelines for Use, to Philosophy

The government has announced the logo and theme of the 76th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (RI). The logo and theme of the Indonesian Independence Day were uploaded by the official website of the Ministry of State Secretariat, June 17, 2021. Through the letter of the Minister of State Secretary Number B-446/M/S/TU.00.04/06/2021, Minister of State Secretary Pratikno conveyed the logo and theme of the Republic of Indonesia's Anniversary to all levels of government. These include heads of institutions, ministers, governors of Bank Indonesia, attorney general, commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, National Police Chief, heads of non-ministerial government institutions, leaders of non-structural institutions, governors, regents, and mayors throughout Indonesia.

The Head of the Public Relations Bureau, Kemensetneg, Eddy Cahyono Sugiarto explained, the main theme for the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia as determined by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, namely Indonesia Tough, Indonesia Grows. "This year, the commemoration of the 76th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia takes the Indonesian theme "Resilient, Indonesia Grows," he said, Sunday (20/6/2021).

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The First Expert Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of State Secretariat, Bayu Gialucca Vialli, explained that the logo for the 76th Independence of the Republic of Indonesia was a visualization of the theme that was carried this year. "The theme describes the values ​​of toughness, the spirit of unyielding to move forward together in a challenging path, in order to achieve a better future," he said, Sunday (6/20/2021). He continued, the description is depicted in a dynamic composition between simple, but sturdy geometric shapes, and in its combination it is vibrant with agile energy.

In general, there are 4 meanings of the logo, namely:

  1. Stability and development
  2. Motion and growth
  3. The togetherness room
  4. Unity and hope.

The meaning of the logo explains, the shape of the number '7' is associated as part of the infrastructure 'pillar' that is being launched by the government to support the acceleration of the Indonesian economy. The shape depicts the 'head of Garuda' which symbolizes Pancasila which is the foundation of the nation and state. While the shape of the number '6' is associated with 'people and a moving wheel' that continues to move forward, which symbolizes economic growth and acceleration. After that there is a parallelogram at number 7 and an isosceles parallelogram at number 6.

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This explains that the form is associated with 'space' which symbolizes the state providing democratic space for the people to contribute to the development of Indonesia. "In addition, it can be associated as a form of 'arrow' which symbolizes sustainable growth," he said. Finally, form a circle on the number 6. It is said that the shape is a sign of perfection that reflects the hope for the success of all things to be achieved. "This form can also be associated with Indonesian 'unity'," he added.

Logo details Launching the public visual identity guidelines uploaded on the State Secretariat's page, the type of font used in the logo design for the 76th Republic of Indonesia Independence Day is Lexend. Lexend is a free font that can be downloaded from Google Fonts. Regarding the color for the number 76 and the writing Indonesia Tangguh uses red. As for the writing Indonesia Grows using black. Here are the details:

Red (#E52B2D) C: 4% M: 97% Y: 93% K: 0% R: 229 G: 43 B: 45 2. 

Black (#231F20) C: 0% M:0% Y: 0% K : 100% R: 35 G: 31 B: 32 3. 

White (#FFFFFF) C: 0% M: 0% Y: 0% K: 0% R: 255 G: 255 B: 255

Instructions for use The following are some provisions for using the RI 76th Anniversary logo: In its application, the size of the logo is adjusted to the size of the media. Basically the logo that is applied must be easy to see and still read clearly from a distance. The area around the logo is provided with free space so that the logo is not disturbed by text/images/photos that cross it. If the logo size is very small, the tagline should be omitted as a consideration for technical reasons. The size of the logo in its application in various media should consider the level of legibility that is clear and good.

In the application of a logo, things that should not be done are: 

  1. changing the color of the logo tagline, 
  2. changing the size and proportion of the logo, 
  3. changing the position of the tagline on the logo, 
  4. only including the outline of the logo without a color (red) in it, 
  5. giving a new gradation/pattern to the logo, 
  6. giving a drop shadow to the logo, 
  7. placing logo on a non-contrast color background (e.g. red background) 
  8. inappropriate opacity of graphic elements 
  9. adding new elements to the logo 
  10. distorting the logo 
  11. not using the appropriate color (e.g. a lighter red than specified) 
  12. not paying attention to the logo's safe boundaries.
To download the RI 76th Anniversary logo, you can visit the following link: RI 76th Anniversary logo. On the link there are logos, graphic elements, fonts, templates, along with photographic works to complete the design. There are several logo formats available, namely AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, and JPEG. In addition, there are also guidelines for using the complete RI 76th Anniversary logo along with examples of its application, making it easier for designers to use the logo.

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