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How to sell photos on Shutterstock with new rules

The hobby of photography can make you money if you know how to sell photos on Shutterstock. Shutterstock is a popular site where photographers and designers sell their work and get paid in dollars. Currently, quite a lot of photographers use this site to market their work, especially for foreign photographers. So instead of letting a collection of photos fill your hard drive, there's no harm in trying to sell them on the Shutterstock site because not a few photographers are successful and earn big profits from selling photos on the site.

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In Indonesia itself, not many people know about the Shutterstock site so the enthusiasm is not as big as abroad. Then how to sell photos on the Shutterstock site? Come on, see the review from microstockpix.

How to sell photos on Shutterstock is actually not difficult so everyone can do it. If you are interested in selling your work on this site, follow the steps and steps below.

1. Register as a Contributor on Shutterstock

Before you start selling your shots, you must first register as a contributor on Shutterstock. How to register is easy, just open the Shutterstock site then look for the registration menu and click if you want to register as a contributor. or click the link below;

Next, fill out the form provided correctly and completely in order to get an account for how to sell photos on Shutterstock. Continue by confirming the email that was previously registered on the Shutterstock site. If the confirmation is successful, you have officially joined and become a contributor on the site.

2. Confirm Account

Before continuing on how to sell photos on Shutterstock, new contributors must first confirm their account. Usually, Shutterstock will instruct you to upload a contributor's ID card and password. Therefore, before registering, make sure you have prepared these two documents properly so that registration can be successful.

3. Make sure you have a Paypal account

The Shutterstock site can be accessed and used by everyone from various countries. To simplify the transaction process from selling this photo, Shutterstock uses Paypal as a place for buying and selling transactions because it is more secure. Therefore, before registering, make sure you have a Paypal account first.

4. Photo Selection on Shutterstock

After the registration process is complete, contributors can immediately start selling images on Shutterstock. The trick is simply to upload the shots that you think are cool and have good quality. Although contributors are free to upload any type of photo, there are certain photo criteria, including:

  • Photos must be your own work
  • If the photo uses a person object, it is necessary to have a model release. Model release is a statement if the model used in the photo is willing to be used as an object.
  • Make sure it doesn't contain brand elements and watermarks in the photos to be uploaded.

5. Wait for Shutterstock to review your photos

After the photo has been uploaded successfully, the next way to sell photos on Shutterstock is to wait for a review and assessment of the photo that will be carried out by Shutterstock. If you pass the selection, the photo will be directly uploaded to the Shutterstock website. Meanwhile, photos that do not pass the selection will be pending by them.

Shutterstock will provide suggestions for improvements and photo results such as lack of focus, less resolution and so on. With this suggestion, it is hoped that contributors will be able to better know how to sell photos on Shutterstock so that in the future they can produce higher quality photos. This selection process is carried out directly by Shutterstock, who is very experienced, so the results cannot be doubted.

6. Shutterstock Sends Income Statement

Photos that pass the automatic selection are immediately purchased by Shutterstock. Next they will provide a description of the income from the total photos purchased. However, to be able to enjoy the results of this way of selling photos on Shutterstock, make sure the balance on Paypal has reached 200 dollars. Later the contributor must withdraw the balance from the Paypal account to the bank account first.

Terms of Selling Shutterstock Photos

Basically anyone can become a contributor and sell their work on the Shutterstock site. It's just that there are some terms and criteria that must be owned by contributors if they want to sell photos on the site. Some of the requirements for selling photos on Shutterstock are as follows:

1. Pay attention to the resolution and file type

The main requirement if you want to sell photos on Shutterstock is that the image must have the resolution and file type that has been determined. Shutterstock requires that all submitted photos have a minimum resolution of 4 megapixels. This size applies to photo file types with jpeg, vector and eps formats. However, specifically for vector files, contributors only need to upload the .eps file for how to sell photos on Shutterstock.
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2. Make sure the photo has good image quality

Shutterstock accepts all types of photo submissions, even from cellphone cameras. However, if you want to pass the selection and review process, then make sure to upload photos with good image quality. Pay attention to other factors such as lighting, photo focus, and even the resulting noise. By choosing quality photos, the chances of passing the selection and selling photos will be even greater.

3. Photos Do Not Contain SARA Elements

Shutterstock gives a strong warning that every photo sold on the site must not contain elements of SARA (Ethnicity, Religion, Race and Inter-Group). Submitted photos must be attractive but still polite. If it is indicated that it contains elements of SARA, the photo will be immediately rejected and even blocked without a review.

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