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Most requested Content in August 2021 According to Shutterstock

Most requested content in August 2021 according to Shutterstock

To help you plan your content plan, explains what content customers will be looking for in August 2021. Prefer images of people attending classes, young investors, green homes, and kids at summer camp.

If you are into social media marketing, then you can take advantage of the suggested topics and fill your blog with useful articles. Use the microstock database to find and buy the photos, vectors and videos you want.

For best results, showcase people of different ethnicity, gender, age, body type and physical limitations. If people's faces can be recognized in the content, they must be accompanied by model releases. If specific locations can be found, then property owner permissions are required.

In the classroom

Shoot images and videos of small groups of people taking engaging training sessions.

This can be, for example, friends at a master class on cooking sushi or other dishes, or a group yoga class in the open air.

Depict course instructors in your work, such as pottery masters working with a potter's wheel.

Try to diversify the subjects, for example, by depicting, for example, knitting workshops for the elderly or painting lessons for the whole family.

Early life and money

With the development of cryptocurrencies and various trading platforms, more and more people aged 20-30 are engaged in investing, and this topic requires coverage.

Use images of young people working on laptops, on the phone, on tablets in your work, combined with stock charts and stock symbols. Avoid pointing to any copyrighted programs and websites.

Portray young people taking economics courses at school or at home.

Shoot scenes in which young people interact with technology and colleagues in a work setting, or consult with professional financiers.

In sustainable homes

Microstock expects images, videos and vectors from you to illustrate how people use sustainable technologies in their homes.

Include homeowners in your stories who separate household waste, take it to a road for collection or to a compost pit in your yard.

Show how people reduce energy consumption at home, turn off lights, install solar panels. 

Shoot close-ups of people charging electric cars or traditional gas vehicles.

Summer camp

Summer camps are very popular and we want to show how children are actively spending time outside of school.

Shoot teenagers doing robotics in STEM camps or learning telescopes in astronomy camps.

Picture instructors and educators explaining the rules of the game, as well as children of all ages, during various sports games and other physical activities.

Show parents who bring children to or from camp

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