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TIPS According to Experience and Research to be a Shutterstock Contributor

Here are a few TIPS from my best friend. This was a long time ago and I only remember now because I was checking an old document and found this on a whim. Hopefully useful, especially for those who play Shutterstock.

TIPS & TRICKS (According to Experience and Research to be a Shutterstock Contributor)

With so many contributors around the world, it makes new contributors mentally not convinced of the passive income opportunities they will receive. However, most of those who have had ups and downs in building their digital assets (photos, vectors, videos) on Shutterstock will know very well how to play it so that the files they upload to Shutterstock can produce results. From that, all contributors have their own unique program which is sometimes applied to other contributors, it is not necessarily suitable or appropriate. The effort is to be able to make their assets successfully sold or downloaded stably.

Based on experience and research such as YouTube, blogs, and other contributors, many say that successful Shutterstock accounts are those who are diligent or consistent in uploading their vectors/photos, and there are those who say that if it is not necessary every day, the important thing is that the quality must be okay, and there are again the quantity and quality must be balanced and keep uploading diligently even though only 3 - 5 vectors a day but consistently. There are even certain contributors who upload once a week or even every 2 weeks but up to 100 -200 vectors/photos. This all makes there is no certainty and mystery.

Then how there are tips and tricks that appear?

Well, if this question arises, of course, you have the answer yourself, but it is certain that this trick is effective and you experience it. (Wkwkwk) what about Oops...

Calm down guys, I will share tips and tricks that might help enlighten you on microstocks, especially on Shutterstock. only 2 points


The first thing you need to know is that you are playing a niche (only 1 category, for example, logo or icon, only background, and others). Or you play mixed (gado - gado) which consists of a mix of vector/photo designs.

Usually, those who play niche, these contributors may have their own time to upload, it can be every day or every 2 days or even once a week.

However, it is done consistently because they are comfortable with the skills they master which makes them consistent. And for those who play mixed, many contributors don't pay attention to their schedule in uploading, because they focus on momentum, season (season), big days, and certain times they have to work on. From that, there is no 100% guarantee that your vectors/photos will sell well or not. But what matters is whether our vector/photo is right on target? with the content, title and keywords that you input. Now, this is the problem with contributors with a large portfolio but not comparable to the sales, maybe. There are also few but stable sales.


In microscopy, we never escape from themes, titles and keywords, because it is digital-based for clients to find our design products, they use words to search. Well… so many contributors are lazy when filling in keywords or titles, but they need to be aware if they realize that this is the most important moment that determines whether our products will sell or not. Some say the keywords must be full, some don't have to be full but just right. First, if we are logo players, we must know that what they are looking for is not a big company logo, or one that is officially registered with the government (maybe), meaning a very well-known company, that's the point, hehe.

But it is possible that they will buy our logo. if so, the client will order or look for a contest site such as 99 design, or in the logoground which only uses one-time logos so that nothing is the same. Some clients who download our logo are for logos, for example, for small to medium businesses, for communities, clubs, social media, online shop brands, and others. From here we will realize what logo we must make. It is possible that all types of logos can be sold.

Immediately I will share my experience for - + 9 months in Shutterstock. I play with backgrounds, banners, poster flyers and all design templates and prints (focus on seasons (seasons), social media templates, music posters, sales, events, greetings and others) and logos, just trying recently. First I looked at the design of the filters in most relevant, I looked at the title and what keywords they wrote. From here I got a new weapon that until now can be fairly powerful in sales in Shutterstock (just like you guys are in the learning stage and never stop exploring).

But what impressed me once tried to write the title the way they wrote the title. There are 3 types of ways to write titles that I have been using.

EXAMPLE of winter theme:

(With a winter theme banner background design with pictures of snowfall, deer, and the scenery and everything in it)

The title I use is:

Winter season background banner template with snowfall and snowflakes on the landscape. Wintry wallpaper greeting templates with deer shape on blue and white gradient colors. 

This vector illustration (long) is like a keyword that is arranged but only added conjunction to make the sentence look. Actually, you don't need the right grammar, because the most important thing is that if the client types words about the winter theme, etc., there is a great chance that the words will get stuck in the title because a complete title explains thoroughly about the theme the client is looking for, the type of design category the client is looking for, and vector or illustration.

Winter background with snowfall and deer shape on landscape. (shortly) this is the gist of the most important and frequent word that a client might type. (in winter background theme)

Winter season background. Snowfall and deer shape on landscape. Winter wallpaper greeting template. Vector illustration (separately) Allows the words entered by the client when searching will fit either by chance or by some recommended words that match our title.

The conclusion above is that the more words (which the client types) stuck in our title, the greater the chance that our image will appear in client searches.

And finally, how to set keywords to be neat and right on target.

The first is the content or theme in question, the second is the design category, the third is additional elements such as color etc. Which in the end become one, it's just to remember keywords that may be left behind and can help find words nearby.


Winter, season, wintry, snow, fall, snowfall, snowflake, flakes, rain, rainy, cold, seasonal, landscape, tree, fir, forest, xmas, new, year, christmas, gift, box, deer, animal,

Background, banner, wallpaper, template, greeting, print, poster, flyer, social, media, advertisement, backdrop, publication,

Colors, colorful, blue, white, gradient, shape, decorative, abstract, vector, illustration,

If for example logo with the adventure theme


Adventure, trip, explore, travel, climb, climbing, extreme, wanderlust, camp, camping, journey, hobbies, outdoor, mountain, river, forest, jungle, community, landscape, hiking,

Logo, icon, sticker, emblem, sign, symbol, print, advertisement,

Colors, colorful, shape, circle, line, monoline, abstract, vector, illustration,

That's probably an alternative way of keywording neatly and on target, similar to setting keywords on Freepik if you are also a contributor. If you are in another niche, you can take the principle or strategy. And suggestions, especially for background players, can follow the current season, for example, currently heading towards winter, you can make: Winter background/banner, winter sale, winter event, winter greeting card, winter pattern, winter festival, or carnival (music, food, exhibition, etc.) , winter clip art, etc. it really helps to increase your sales, guys, even 1 image can get 100 downloads or even more (Could be). Because when compared to the big day, even though there are equal opportunities, the season will still be longer, it can be downloaded for 3-4 months regularly following until the season runs out after.

That's it for the first time, guys that I can share, maybe there are many contributors who know more about their more powerful tips and tricks, but it never hurts to try, and I return it to each of you guys. Based on your experience, you can conclude which tips will you use.

~ Thank you for your attention ~

_Greetings on demand and single other hehe, success always guys…. Hope it's useful~

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