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Tips And Trick For Content Microstocker

It's also important for understanding. Beginners jump in.

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Abstract": Content with fractals, blurs, patterns, textures, and content whose subject matter is abstract. It can also be used to describe an abstract concept or idea.

Animals/Wildlife": Content with animals (domestic and wild).

Art": Content with objects used to create art or people creating art. It can also be used to describe any piece of art, painting or illustration.

Background/Texture": Content that has a computer screen wallpaper/background or photo/illustration created as a background. For example: landscapes, architectural details, textures, patterns, flat lay photos, etc.)

Beauty/Fashion": Content related to beauty products, hairstyles, clothing, or other fashion-related subjects. Can also be used to describe content with fashion models in the studio or on location.

Buildings/Landmarks": Content with architectural structures, structural details, or the built environment.

Business/Finance": Content with business, workplace, office environment, financial district, money and/or money-related items like calculators, etc.

Celebrity": Content with celebrities/public figures or places associated with celebrities such as movie premieres, limousines and red carpets. This category also applies to editorial content including names of celebrities/public figures.

Educational": Content featuring scenes from school, graduation, or education-related items such as books, whiteboards, school supplies, etc.

Food and Beverage": Content that describes food and/or food-related topics and subject matter including cooking, eating and/or drinking.

Health/Medical": Content related to health, wellness and medicine. Content with medical subjects including exam room, pills, naked when on medical content, weight loss and healthy eating concept.

Holidays": Content related to international calendar events such as Easter, Easter, Halloween, Holi, Ramadan, etc., including holiday food/drinks. Can also be used for content related to "life" seasons and events such as, travel, birthdays, weddings, etc. and content related to vacations and/or travel.

Industry": Content related to construction, mining, electricity and other trades. It can also be used for items such as tools, building materials, blueprints, hard hats, and merchants.

Interior": Content that displays the interior of a building, house, religious structure, or other interior space within the built environment.

Miscellaneous": Can be used for any subject matter.

Nature": Content featuring plants, animals, clouds, bodies of water, or other environmental-related subjects.

Object": Content with any object or group of objects as the primary focus.

Parks/Outdoor": Content related to parks and outdoors such as national parks, playgrounds, camping equipment, or people doing outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, sailing, etc.

People": Content with a person, group of people, or body parts such as face, hands, feet, etc.

Religion": Content featuring items and concepts related to any religious or spiritual topic.

Science": Content related to chemicals/drugs, living things, planets, or technology. It can also be used for any object or symbol related to a scientific or medical field.

Signs/Symbols": Content featuring signs or symbols including flags, icons, logos, stop signs, arrows, or people cues.

Sports/Recreation": Content related to fitness and any sport or hobby done on land, air or water such as hunting, surfing, cycling, yoga, weight lifting, etc.

Technology": Content related to computers, telephones, electrical equipment, or other wired or wireless technology. It can also be used for on-screen content, programming code, or other technology-related concepts such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Transportation": Content related to any mode of transportation such as airplanes, trains, cars, buses, ships or any other object that transports people. Can also be used for content related to highways, highways, raceways, etc.

Vintage": Content with a vintage or retro look and feel, including kitsch, sepia tone scenes, or anything related to the non-modern era

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